Monday, May 9, 2011

@avenkataraman coins the term "Yot"

This is a Guest Post from a friend, Anand Venkataraman, whose company Infrinity has recently been acquired by GetJar, where Anand is now VP of Discoverty Technologies. Congrats Anand!

What is a Yot?

Last week, on the way back from my swim at the Y, I noticed a number of cop cars outside the house opposite the Y. I was consumed with curiosity as any sane person would be, but wouldn't dare stop and ask them what it was all about. We all know how much cops like lookie loos.

So I naturally did the next best thing. I Yotted on Yatown. Yatown, started by Christopher Nguyen, is a neighborhood social site that aggregates info from locals. It's a place where I could "tweet" but not have my tweet go out to the world, but just to my 'hoodies. To paraphrase Keaton's character in "The Paper". I don't effin live in the effin world. I effin live in effin Palo Alto" (Well almost. I think I have a bit too few f's in there).

Yatown is a service I can rely upon to bring me the happenings, big and small, in my little town - from earthquake and tsunami warnings, to garage sales and fund raisers. It meshes into the real world by way of locality and real-people connections. A message intended for my family will reach us somehow, since people in our local network know us well enough to call one of us, or leave a post-it note stuck to our door for when we return.

So what's a yot? Honestly, I don't know. But that's the word that popped into my head when I pondered, looking for the right word to describe a unit of thought to share on Yatown. There you go - A "yot is a unit thought you jot down on Yatown". Soon after my little yot, some 'hoodies reached out to me by email and phone - such is the reach of the nascent Yatown already. They didn't have answers either, but some pretty good theories about what was going on :-)

Needless to say, I'm excited for Chris about the prospects of Yatown, and I'm super glad there's something like this out today. I, for one, certainly plan on using it regularly.


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