Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Get Your Neighborhood Square Activated Now!

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From our Neighborhood Newsletter last week...

As our early adopter, you are getting this information ahead of the press. Please keep it under wraps.

Three months ago we asked for your input to a neighborhood "groups" service we were cooking up. Thank you for all your GREAT input! It has been an excellent guide in helping us prioritize features.

I'm glad to report that we are about to unleash Yatown Squares onto the world! Yatown Squares will make organizing groups in your neighborhood as easy as pointing people to a URL! We can even do the pointing for you.

Psst! To manage capacity, we will gradually roll out Yatown Squares to all 193,000 neighborhoods across the US over a 3-to-6 month period.

To get your neighborhood in front of the queue, let us know at

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